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If a life could have a theme song — and I believe every worthwhile one has — mine is a religion, an obsession, a mania or all of these expressed in one word — individualism. I was born with that obsession, and I've never seen and do not know now a cause more worthy, more misunderstood, more seemingly hopeless and tragically needed.

Jan 21, 2021

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About Johann Bernoulli

Johann Bernoulli

Johann Bernoulli

Johann Bernoulli (Basel, July 27, 1667 - January 1, 1748) was a Swiss mathematician. He was the brother of Jakob Bernoulli, and the father of Daniel Bernoulli (for whom the Bernoulli's principle was named) and Nicolaus II Bernoulli. He is also known as Jean or John Bernoulli. He educated the great mathematician Leonhard Euler in his youth.

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