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The most perfect humor and irony is generally quite unconscious.

Nov 29, 2023

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About Charles Frohman

Charles Frohman

Charles Frohman

Charles Frohman (July 15, 1856 - May 7, 1915) was an American theatrical producer.

One of three Frohman brothers, he was born in Sandusky, Ohio. He was the youngest, his older brothers being: Daniel Frohman (1851 - 1940) and Gustave Frohman (1854 - 1930). The year of his birth date is generally erroneously reported as 1860, and his birthday is shown as July 16 on his tombstone, but the correct date is July 15, 1856 (sources: Certified Birth Certificate, Sandusky, Ohio and the 1860 Federal Census for Sandusky, Ohio, which shows: "Charley," age 4).

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