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A Garden, an Elaboratory, a Work–house, Improvements and Breeding, are pleasant and Profitable Diversions to the Idle and Ingenious: For here they miss Ill Company, and converse with Nature and Art; whose Variety are equally grateful and instructing; and preserve a good Constitution of Body and Mind.

Dec 07, 2021

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About William Henry Welch

William Henry Welch

William Henry Welch

William Henry Welch (April 8, 1850 - April 30, 1934) was an American physician and medical school administrator. He was first dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Born in Norfolk, Connecticut, Welch was educated at Norfolk Academy and the Winchester Institute. He entered Yale College in 1866, where he studied Greek and classics. As an undergraduate, he joined the Skull and Bones honorary fraternity.

In 1912 upon its creation Welch was appointed to the Board of Scientific Directors of the preexisting Eugenic Records Office. This organization attempted to find the hereditary connection for "feebleminded" individuals between generations; with the understanding they could eradicate these and other undesirables through isolation, sterilization and euthanasia. The ERO had contributors such as the Rockafeller Foundation and the Herriman Family.

From 1901 to 1933 he was founding president of the Board of Scientific Directors at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. He was an instrumental reformer of medical education in the United States as well as a president of the National Academy of Sciences from 1913-1917. He was also president of the American Medical Association in addition to other prestigious associations. He was a founding editor of the Journal of Experimental Medicine .

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