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'Each time that something comes to your mind regarding Allah — know that He is different from that!' Commentary: If you think and believe that He is what all the schools of Islam profess and believe — He is that, and He is other than that! If you think that He is what diverse communities believe — Muslims, Christians, Jews, Mazdeans, polytheists and others — He is that and He is other than that! And if you think and believe what is professed by the Knowers par excellence — prophets, saints and angels — He is that! He is other than that! None of His creatures worships Him in all His aspects; none is unfaithful to Him in all His aspects. No one knows Him in all His aspects; no one is ignorant of Him in all His aspects. Those who are among the most knowing regarding Him have said: 'Glory to Thee. We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.' (Koran 2:32)

Oct 25, 2014

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