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One can imagine the government’s problem. This is all pretty magical stuff to them. If I were trying to terminate the operations of a witch coven, I’d probably seize everything in sight. How would I tell the ordinary household brooms from the getaway vehicles?

Oct 23, 2021

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About George Burns

George Burns

George Burns

George Burns (born Nathan Birnbaum January 20, 1896 - March 9, 1996) was an Academy Award-winning Jewish-American comedian and actor.

His career spanned vaudeville, film, radio, and television, with and without his equally legendary wife, Gracie Allen. His arched eyebrow and cigar smoke punctuation became familiar trademarks for over three quarters of a century. Enjoying a remarkable career resurrection that began at age 79, and ended shortly before his death at age 100, George Burns was as well known in the last two decades of his life as at any other time during his career.

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